Borrowing Constraints and Demand for Remedial Education: Evidence from Tanzania (2024)

Accepted, Economic Journal

[Abstract] [Published version (open access)] [Ungated version]
with Konrad Burchardi, Selim Gulesci, and Munshi Sulaiman

Testing Willingness to Pay Elicitation Mechanisms in the Field: Evidence from Uganda

Journal of Development Economics (short paper), 2021

[Abstract] [Published version (open access)] [Ungated version]
with Konrad Burchardi, Selim Gulesci, Benedetta Lerva, and Stefano Tripodi

Measuring and Bounding Experimenter Demand

American Economic Review, 2018

[Abstract] [Published version] [Ungated version]
with Johannes Haushofer and Chris Roth

Commercialization and the Decline of Joint Liability Microcredit

Journal of Development Economics, 2018

[Abstract] [Published version] [Ungated version]
with Thiemo Fetzer and Maitreesh Ghatak

Market Structure and Borrower Welfare in Microfinance

Economic Journal, 2018

[Abstract] [Published version] [Ungated version]
with Thiemo Fetzer and Maitreesh Ghatak

Your Loss Is My Gain: A Recruitment Experiment With Framed Incentives

Journal of the European Economic Association, 2018

[Abstract] [Published version] [Ungated version]

Bonus versus Penalty: How Robust Are the Effects of Contract Framing?

Journal of the Economic Science Association, 2017

[Abstract] [Published version] [Ungated version]
with Francesco Fallucchi, Felix Kölle, Daniele Nosenzo and Simone Quercia

Group Lending Without Joint Liability

Journal of Development Economics, 2016

[Abstract] [Published version] [Ungated version]
with Thiemo Fetzer and Maitreesh Ghatak

Working Papers

How Much Should We Trust Observational Estimates? Accumulating Evidence Using Randomized Controlled Trials with Imperfect Compliance (2024)

[Abstract] [Latest version]
with David Rhys Bernard, Gharad Bryan, Sylvain Chabé-Ferret, Jasmin Fliegner, Roland Rathelot

Implicit Preferences (2024)

Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Review

[Abstract] [Latest version] [VIBES recording] [2016 CESifo working paper]
with Tom Cunningham

The Long-Run Effects of Psychotherapy on Depression, Beliefs, and Economic Outcomes (2023)

[Abstract] [Latest version] [NBER WP] [CEPR WP]
with Bhargav Bhat, Johannes Haushofer, Vikram Patel, Gautam Rao, Frank Schilbach, and Pierre-Luc Vautrey

Market Design for Land Trade: Evidence from Uganda and Kenya (2024)

[Abstract] [Latest version] [Slides]
with Gharad Bryan, Mariajose Silva Vargas, Tom Wilkening and Nitin Yadav

Depression for Economists (December 2016)

[Abstract] [NBER working paper]
with Johannes Haushofer

Chapters/non-refereed Publications

Experimenter Demand Effects

in Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Experimental Economics, 2019

[Abstract] [Published version] [Ungated version]
with Lise Vesterlund and Alistair Wilson

Depression Through the Lens of Economics: A Research Agenda

The Economics of Asset Accumulation and Poverty Traps, 2019

[Abstract] [Published version] [Ungated version]
with Johannes Haushofer

Is the credit worth it? For-profit lenders in microfinance with rational and behavioral borrowers

Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, Centennial Issue, 2018

[Abstract] [Published version] [Ungated version]
with Maitreesh Ghatak

Other writing


VoxDevLit, 2021.

Co-editor. With editors: Jing Cai, Muhammad Meki, Simon Quinn; co-editors: Erica Field, Cynthia Kinnan, Jonathan Morduch, and Farah Said

Microfinance, Market Structure, and Borrower Welfare: Regulatory Lessons from the Indian Crisis

Report prepared for the World Bank, 2012.

[Latest version]
with Thiemo Fetzer and Maitreesh Ghatak

Advanced work in progress

Implicit Gender Discrimination: Evidence from 41 Countries

with Ingvild Almås, Sebastian Fest, and Anna Sandberg Trolle-Lindgren

Liquidity Constraints and Capital Allocation: Evidence from a Selective Trial with Ugandan Farmers

with Konrad Burchardi, Benedetta Lerva and Stefano Tripodi

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